General Terms and Conditions (GTC) governing donations to “Your Life Circle” in Château d‘Oex

AGeneral Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall govern donations made through the website with cash donations and bank transfers to

Ihr Lebenskreis (Your Life Circle), Esther & Nicolas Mottier, Route de la Villa d’Oex 65, 1660 Château d‘Oex

2.Intended purpose

Donations to “Your Life Circle” shall be contributed in full to the realisation of the project “Your Life Circle”. In the event that the project cannot for unforeseeable reasons be realised to the full extent currently planned, an adjusted variant shall be drawn up according to the same philosophy and the overriding goals specified below.

In the event that the total amount of donations received exceeds the figure necessary in order to realise the project “Your Life Circle”, the money donated will be used in full for other projects and donations in accordance with the overriding goals specified below.

The overriding goals of “Your Life Circle” are the promotion / further development of

  • Sustainability/nature:

    species conservation & diversity / respectful animal husbandry / sustainable, ecological and future-oriented agriculture

  • Renewable energy

  • Social:

    creation of employee-friendly workplaces / establishment of forward-looking school and education systems / community spirit and realisation of potential within society / meeting place for people, animals and nature / support for people experiencing difficult situations / independence through knowledge / dissemination of holistic worldview / integration of and support for socially disadvantaged or disabled adults, young persons and children

  • Health:

    naturopathy / holistic medicine / natural prevention and healthcare / nourishment

3.Right of withdrawal

Once a donation has been made to “Your Life Circle” it can no longer be reclaimed.

4.Security / data protection

Secure data transfer and optimal protection for privacy is important for us. Your personal data will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties.

5.Limitation of liability

The contents of our pages have been created with the utmost care. Esther and Nicolas Mottier do not accept any liability for the accuracy, comprehensiveness and up-to-date status of the content on / Likewise, no liability will be accepted for any losses arising as a result of the use of /

External links are clearly designated as such. Esther and Nicolas Mottier do not accept any liability for the content of the pages linked from /

6.Jurisdiction / applicable law

6.1.The place of jurisdiction shall be Vevey (Switzerland).
6.2.Swiss law shall be exclusively applicable.

BAdditional terms and conditions concerning the online donation portal


7.1.Online donations will be processed through PostFinance. In order to ensure data security, PostFinance uses a system with multiple security barriers based on advanced cryptography (SSL encryption).
7.2.Your credit card number will not be saved by us.
7.3.After the transfer of the donation has been successfully concluded you will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.

CAdditional terms and conditions – Royal Week – Live Like a King for a Week


The following terms and conditions shall only apply insofar as financing for the project “Your Life Circle” is covered in full and the project is being implemented.

9.Entitlement to a win

9.1.One winning ticket shall be registered for each CHF 18.00 donated. The winning ticket shall be valid for 8 years after the start of the new-build project “Your Life Circle”.
9.2.Each person shall be entitled to win on a maximum of one occasion. All winning tickets of this person shall thus be excluded from further draws. The winning ticket shall be valid for 8 years after the start of the new-build project “Your Life Circle”.
9.3.Notifications of wins shall be sent by email and ordinary post using the contact details provided at the time the donation was made. If the winner fails to answer within 21 calendar days of the date on which notification of the win was sent by “Your Life Circle”, the win shall lapse. A new name shall be drawn by lot. Entitlement to the win shall also lapse if the winner ascertained refuses to accept the win.
9.4.Wins are transferable.
9.5.Recourse to the courts is not permitted. There shall be no actionable entitlement to the payment of a win.
9.6.If the winner is an underage person, the Royal Week stay may be redeemed along with his/her parents (or two adult persons) and any siblings under the age of 18.

10.Draws / redemption of winning tickets

10.1.Draws shall be held on Epiphany on 6 January. (8 draws once each year for the first 8 years after inauguration)
10.2.The win may be redeemed at any time within 11 months of the draw (until 6 December of the same year). The voucher for goods and services totalling CHF 4,500.00 may be redeemed within 24 months.
10.3.The overnight stay must be booked in good time according to ordinary hotel reservation arrangements. The 6 overnight stays may only be redeemed consecutively as one single stay.

11.Royal week – scope

The Royal Week includes the following indulgent programme for the winner plus a companion and any children of the winner under the age of 18. All services are naturally provided on a voluntary basis.

  • 6 overnight stays in the Nature Suite at “Your Life Circle”. Your suite will be uniquely prepared for you, just as if you were a king.
  • Daily culinary bio-quality highlights with a large breakfast buffet, lunch and multi-course evening meal in a setting prepared just for you (including drinks of your choosing). Alcoholic drinks are also included up to a maximum value of CHF 280.00 per day.
  • 6 wellness / beauty treatments per adult, and upon request also for the children.
  • Free entry to the nature-wellness oasis for the entire week.
  • Discovery of potential with a Taoist facial analysis for adults and children
  • A personal company visitation
  • A voucher for “Your Life Circle” goods and services worth CHF 4,500.00.


Château d‘Oex, 20 November 2016